About Us


Since its commencement in 1985, the Hextar brand has been marking its place as one of Malaysia’s foremost agrochemical companies.

Today, the Hextar Group is a leading crop management solutions provider, both domestically and globally, thanks to its specialized agrochemical products supply chain. From research and development, to manufacturing and distribution, Hextar has consistently provided new and improved superior agrochemical products to its customers.

With more than 120 products successfully registered in Pakistan, Hextar Group operations have now expanded in Punjab and KPK provinces of Pakistan with team members, serving as the best supporting system for our customers and suppliers.

Our laboratory is underway for ISO 17025 accreditation, acknowledging that our products developed in-house are more than capable to meet our customers’ needs and satisfaction.

In this short period, Hextar Group managed to launch six companies to cater different business needs of customers:

1. Hextar Chemicals Enterprises  
2. Hextar Industries
3. Hextar Distribution 
4. PakMal Seeds
5. NNK Traders
6. Malaysian Care Systems

Laboratory is a backbone of any formulation plant and Hextar Group has one of the best Pesticides and Fertilizer Laboratory of Agrochemical Industry. Our Laboratory standards have resulted in long term relationship with our customers including many multinational firms.

Hextar Group is providing direct employment opportunities to 150 individuals in various disciplines and aggressively investing on its Human Capital which is ONE BIG reason of this unparalleled success.

Our Mission

Is to unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life with Commitment to make the world a better place by applying advancements in research and technology to Agriculture.

Our Vision

To be a world leader in innovative crop protection and provide one stop solution to the farmers.

Our Values

Our values are what define us. They give us standards to measure ourselves by. They guide us in our dealings – with customers, suppliers, our own people and the wider world. They are the touchstone that we come back to, time and again.